My computer will not recognize my CD ROM drive (the D drive).

My computer will not recognize my CD ROM drive (the D drive). For example: when I put a disc into the CD drive, the mouse pointer briefly changes to a CD icon (as it normally does) to tell me -- presumably -- that the drive is scanning the disc for its Table Of Contents. However, the CD icon only appears for a split second (when normally it would take a few seconds to read the contents). When I double-click on the D drive to run the CD, it prompts me to 'Please insert disc into Drive D', when in fact there is already a disc in the drive. Can you tell me why this might be happening? Thank you in advance for your support! "
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  1. Is this a blank disc? But yea like the other post, do you have a CD-only drive and putting in a DVD or Blu-Ray disc? This a movie or Application or maybe a backup disc?
  2. I'm trying to install some software. I tried it on my son's computer and it opened right up, so it's not the software. I have a Dell laptop that is about 7 months old.
  3. I believe you're right!
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