BIOS NOT DETECTING IDE HDD that has been converted to SATA

okay so i have been upgrading my nans computer from 2003

i have changed all parts out except the hdd and psu

my mobo is ASRock H61M-GS Intel H61 (Socket 1155) DDR3 Micro Motherboard
cpu- celeron G530
intel HD graphics 2000/3000
4gb ram

Because of the issues with the psu not having SATA power for dvd drive i had to get an adapter, Also i got a 2 way IDE to SATA converter for the HDD because of compatability issues I have looked in BIOS settings and it has not been registered it did previously according to my grandmother.

There is one Molex splitter for extra power connections
One 20 to 24 pin power adapter
The previously mentioned IDE to SATA

The problem I'm having is that the HDD is not being detected in BIOS I have had this problem in one of my first builds and it was that the hard drive that had failed I really hope this is not the case for this hard drive it has all the data from 2003 up till now.
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  1. IMHO, trying to use a 10 year old HDD in a new rig is false economics not to mention trying to change the interface from IDE to SATA. You're asking for trouble from every possible point of view.
  2. Those IDE to sata drive adapters suck. I have like 5 from 5 different manufactures, in all shapes and sizes. 1 of them will only work on old HDDs, one only works on cd drives, and so on.
    1 Many of those adapters will have 2 sata ports, try the other one.
    2 Some of those cards wil only work if the hdd is set to cable select. Try checking the jumper on the ide drive. If the jumper pins are not labled, try no jumper at all.
    3 The mother board bios may have sata options, try AHCI first, if that wont work, see if there is an ide, option or even a compatibility option.

    If you really need to reuse that old hdd and the board does not have a ide connector you should get a PCI ide card like this.
    Maybe not one of these exact models but a PCI , or PCI-e card.
    There are still compatibility challenges with these cards but at least they work most of the time.
  3. A new hdd is the way to go. Only $50 and will make system feel faster. Keep in mind the hdd is a small disk spinning 5400-7200 revs per minute with a tiny maginet hanging a fraction of an inch over it. 10 years is a very long life for the average consumer hdd. Expect it to fail sooner rather than later.
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