Onboard Sound buzzing after psu was fried.


Ok here it is, I'm getting very annoyed by this issue, and I cant seem to find anything on the forums to help.

First here is my set up

AMD Phenom II 1090BE - stock cooler
Asus Crosshair Formula IV Extreme
8gb Corsair Dominator GT Ram
ATI Radeon 5770 1gb GPU
Cooler Master HAF full tower
First PSU = Ultra X4 850w (no buzzing or interference to speakers)
Second PSU = Cooler master 700w stock PSU from HAF case
Third PSU = corsair 850w (New) (Still buzzing from headset)

The system worked perfect for 2 years with onboard sound and no interference. Both front and rear panel jacks worked flawless.

one day I was playing BF3 and the PSU died, really it made a loud popping noise and smelt really bad. (Semi explosion.) that was the Ultra X4 PSU that has built in protection for this very problem to prevent my other parts getting fried. Hence why I bought it.

I switched out that PSU for the Cooler Master 700W PSU and everything runs perfect, no issues with video, memory, or HDD and DVD. But when it came to plugging in my headset, I get this annoying buzzing sound, that will get quieter if I lower the sound only.

I have tried for 4 days now, trying 3 different headsets, trying a home stereo system, with no success. I have rearranged all my wires to take the power cables away from the onboard sound controller. I have re installed the new Realtek audio drivers 5 times, and have reset all my bios setting to default. NOTHING

now I have switched out the PSU again, thinking it was an un shielded low quality PSU causing interference. I installed the Corsair 850w gold PSU and still the same issues.

I have tried different rooms and outlets in the house to no avail. Very frustrating when the damn sound was perfect before the PSU exploded

I have read countless articles about my this and noting has worked. I'm think its was past my allotted time to RMA the board, lol.

I guess my next step is to buy a dedicated sound card.

Does anyone have an suggestions or have you had this same issue after a psu pretty much exploded, because all my propblems with sound have come after that took place.

Please help, and srry for my long rant.

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  1. HAHA. I laugh because you sound like me about 10 or so years ago. I had a power supply go out on me. Actually my cousin's kid was playing a game and came down said my computer shut off and it smelled funny. I got a new power supply and had an extremely annoying subtle whining in the speakers and or headset. I tried everything, pretty much you did. I ended up buying a cheap Turtle Beach sound card and the problem went away and I was happy as a clam. I actually have that card in a drawer somewhere. I now use a dedicated Creative Labs card with a good set of headphones. If you are a gamer, you can take this opportunity to upgrade. A decent dedicated sound cards makes your games sounds so much better. Especially FPS games. It helps in positioning better and you can hear someone sneaking up on you and on which side. Even with a mediocre set of headphones it makes a world of difference.

    Creative Labs and Asus seem to be the most popular. CL seems a bit expensive but ASUS has some cards that seem decent.
  2. I agree with jay. It would seem that your power supply may have caused some damage to the sound chip of the mb. An external sound card is an easier solution than a mb replacement.
  3. To be honest.. I don't think I could ever go back to onboard audio again. I love to listen to music when I surf the net and hand on Tom's or do what I do on the webs. A dedicated sound card also powers a nice set of headphones as well. Ones you would otherwise need headphone amp for work well with a sound card of decent size. Just something to consider. Your ears are very sensitive and give you depth when given the right audio.
  4. I figured as much. I'm glad I can make one person laugh today, because I've apparently driven my wife nuts with this problem.

    Looks like Newegg is going to get some more of my money.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Irixious said:

    Looks like Newegg is going to get some more of my money.

    HAHA. Newegg already has loads of my money. I have to admit though, every time I've ever had an issue or needed a return, I've never paid for return shipping and once the item was so inexpensive they refunded me and just said keep it. Good luck. Just read up on the cards you look at. A decent sound card will last you a while. I will probably keep my PCI card until I have a motherboard that doesn't have a PCI slot.
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