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My son finally crashed my laptop and I need to replace it. I need it as inexpensive as possible without compromising speed and performance. I play a few games on facebook, watch a few movies, use MS Office applications, Need a webcam as I cam with my grandkids. I dont need a ton of storage as this is a secondary computer. Any ideas anyone?
thanks for your help
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  1. Sounds like you don't need the laptop for very graphically intense applications are storing lots of large files. Any aversion to Windows 8? Heres what I came up with after searching for a minute or two on Newegg.

  2. Thanks I will check that one out.
  3. FinneousPJ I do not know anything about the quality of this computer. I haven't had to keep up with the latest and greatest so I am a bit unknowledgeable right now. Is this a good one or will it just frustrate me? lol
    I have had both AMD and Intel and can't seem to tell much difference.... they seemed to function just fine for me but that was about 4-8 years in the past.
    But i DO like this pricing :)
  4. APUs would be better for your usage since you don't need gaming GPUs like the Radeon and GTX series, the integrated graphics in APUs are far better than the ones Intel currently has to offer.
  5. Yeah, what he said. I think the AMD is a more balanced solution for everyday computing and cheaper, too!
  6. Except I'm not a 'he' :P
  7. Right, sorry. Same difference though re: subject matter ;)
  8. Thanks all you guys n dolls LOL. You have helped me a lot ... now just to get the $$$$ to pay for it all!!
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