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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

What are graphics card "minimum system power requirements?" Are they important? What does it mean for eGPU's, particularly Vidock? What are they in relation to graphics card power consumption?

Most importantly, what decent graphics cards would be compatible with the ViDock G3 Overdrive's 120W power supply? There are no graphics cards existent that require anything less than 300W in order to satisfy the "minimum system power requirement." Once gain, what is this?

Finally, should I return the G3 for another Vidock model? Should I use all the free time that I do not have to build a DIY eGPU with the technology skills that I also do not have? Should I settle with playing Bad Company 2 at 30 fps (assuming no explosions, vegetation, or particular effects are present on screen) on the lowest possible video and sound settings (via .ini file manipulation) and just forget all this technology-ridden, eye-ball frying, energy-draining, forum-scavenging that I have been obsessing over for the past month and finally start doing some homework for a change?

No, I'm not forking 1500$ on a new laptop. No, I do not need a desktop. Yes, I need my laptop's mobility. No, it is not powerful enough to keep me consistently competitive.


Someone who is genuinely exhausted of surfing the internet for a decent solution to his gaming predicament.
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  1. In advance, thanks to all those willing to take time out of their day to bother themselves with my question. A month ago I had never heard of Tom's Hardware. I have surfed the web for answers for some time now, and I continue to come back to this site.

    You guys are something else.


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