How to setup a wireless network using my laptop as a router

Can my Laptop be used to setup a WLAN for gaming?
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  1. What OS are you running? It's a bit of work to get it to function properly. Why not just use a router?
  2. Im indian! hehehe, i dont have the need to for a router as i will only use it for creating a WLAN at home to connect a few PS3s.
  3. While there are ways to transform your laptop or desktop with a wireless connection into a router, the procedures are usually not for the common user.

    Now there is a software application that only takes minutes and few clicks to turn your Windows 7 WiFi - enable laptop into a wireless router.

    The software is called Connectify and you can find out more about it here:

    Connectify works by taking advantage of Windows 7's native Virtual WiFi Technology.

    This is the technology that makes it possible for Windows 7 to share it's WiFi connection with other WiFi devices.

    This also means Connectify will not work on Windows Vista and older Windows versions.
    Connectify latest version:
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