New build wont post with graphics card.

Just got finished a new build, at first it would turn on but no display. I tried removing the GPU (Gigabyte 7970) and used Intel graphics which posts fine. I've tried resetting the cmos but to no avail. Any help is appreciated!
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  1. So it does not post with your GPU in or what? If you can get windows installed on integrated graphics with your GPU installed, you will be able to install the drivers and then you should be good to go. Did you also make sure you have all the PCI plugs in?
  2. Well, it starts up when the GPU is but no post. When the card is not powered integrated works. I will try what you said.
  3. So you have the GPU in and powered, and your monitor is plugged into the integrated graphics, do you receive a POST?
  4. No I do not.
  5. Could be a bad card then, it should POST with the GPU installed even if it does not have the correct drivers for it, could be MOBO but it doesn't sound like it, you could try your GPU in another PCI slot.
  6. Ok thanks, I will try that.
  7. Fashed the bios and installed newest gpu drivers, now working!
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