What should i do to install my new graphics card onto my z68 board?

I have an Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 and i'm trying to install my Sapphire Vapor X 7770 Graphics Card.
I could do with some help as in the installation guide it says to 'disable any on-board graphics' This is of corse the Intel i5 2500k's HD 3000, that I'm currently using. I am wondering if i should do this or if it will simply black out my screen as i don't have any other graphics to fall back onto when it all goes wrong and i can't see the screen to re-enable the Intel HD 3000 graphics.
If i don't follow this instruction will anything break? Also, for the virtu program that comes with the Motherboard that enables the intel graphics when i'm video converting, surely i need to have the intel graphics enabled for that. I have read through the Motherboards manual and it does not mention that i need to disable on-board graphics. Any step by step instructions or just help with the onboard graphics would really help.
Thanks for any help, much appreciated.
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  1. What did you use before or is this your first build?
  2. you will need to disable the hd 3000 after you start the computer and then you have to decide to use the sapphire instead. It shouldn't be a problem, i have the same motherboard except for z77 and that wasn't a problem.

    might want to check with someone else for z68 though. Just youtube "how to install graphics card on asrock z68 extreme 4"
  3. @ Mikeny this is my First build, I've been using the Intel Graphics for around 1-2 years for gaming.

    @ Ilumunus Could you tell me in more detail exactly what i need to do? I'm a bit of a simpleton. Thanks.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6F3MhniZFI

    i think this is what you need, if it isnt, send me a message or post here
  5. When you turn on your system, you should see on bottom left or right corner "press" to enter BIOS. On my Asus board it says press <del> to enter BIOS. Go into the BIOS, (check the manual, which will probably point to were onboard graphics is located in BIOS), click disable, then save and exit. When system restarts and goes to desktop, click start, look on the right and see either Computer or Control Panel and look for device manager. Click device manager and click I think display or near it and it should show your graphics card. For example, it would show "GTX570" for me. If it shows, Sapphire 7770, then your good. You can also click start, and in the box that says search files and folders, type: dxdiag then when this loads, click the video tab and your Sapphire should be there as well.

    When you install the card, make sure all your connections are good and snug and power is plugged into your card also.
  6. After you save and exit, will need to power off and move the cable from the onboard connector to the GPU. Then power back up. Windows will autodetect and install the basic driver. Then go out and get the latest from AMD.
  7. Thanks, this is really helpful. Cheers for all your help.
  8. Thanks guys. I have my Graphics card installed, all i had to do was put it on the Motherboard, plug the 6-pin power in and plug the monitor into the GPU, i didn't have to do anything else. I'm currently downloading the newest drivers. So far no problems! Thanks guys, you've all been really helpful to me.
  9. Just check that your system has it....dxdiag...video...if your video card is there congrats :) You're welcome!
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