Hello, just want to ask for opinion. which one is better?

Ati radeon HD5670 1GB 128 bit GDDR5 (the one that im using right now),

ATI Sapphire HD4890 2GB 256Bit Vapor-X

ASUS ENGTS250 nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256bit DDR3 PCIe 2.0 SLI

-kindly appreciated all your opinion.. thanx :D
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  1. depends. How much will the new gpu's cost? you gotta gimme the cost so i can tell you which is better.

    and also what is ur PSU, CPU, and MOBO, and RAM
  2. Ya need system specs and cost but don't think any of them will play modern games well unless run a very low res with eye candy turned down or off.
  3. From those three cards the HD4890 is the best (you might need a new PSU tho) , BUT I believe AMD dropped support of the 4000 series in the latest drivers. Just means they update the driver less often as its now in the legacy section.

    But even still I would go for the 4890 (only if you are getting a really good deal tho and have a PSU that can handle it, if you can find a cheap HD7770 still around after black friday I saw some for less than $75 and they would use much less power to give you better performance.)

    Anyway Have Fun
  4. The 4890 is significantly faster. You won't get some of those nice DX 11 effects, but then the 5670 is too slow to play games in DX11 with decent quality :p. The only concern is your PSU as the 4890 can use up to 190W on it's own and those cards generally need two PCI-E connectors.

    If you have a good PSU then go with the 4890. If you have a weak PSU go with the 5670.
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