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Hey guys, i' ve just upgraded my system to i5 3570k - Asus Gtx670 Dc2 - Asrock Z77 Extreme 4... :bounce:
...and looking for a monitor. So i'm between 32'' 3d tv or Asus VG278H. The thing is i don't know if my system is able to run 3d vision smoothly, so that's my question, anybody knows if that system is enough for decent frame rates in 3d vision?
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  1. I've got an i7 3770K OC to 4.8ghz and an EVGA GTX670 with a ~ 20% OC on that too. I'm currently using 3D Vision on a projector (H5360 - only 720p) and it runs everything in 3D super well. However, when I run games in 3D on my full HD monitor, frames can drop quite substantialy. They're still playable (rougly in the 25-45) range, but there can be bad minimum fps hits etc.

    It really depends on what games you want to play at what settings. If you have any specific ones I can test them and report back...? Source games are a joke *60fps in 3D*, Battlefield singleplayer is also fine *around 40-50fps* but don't expect to play multiplayer in 3D :p

    The last game I tried was AC3, but even w/o 3D I was only getting around 60 and in 3D only 25... (I'm guessing the GPU drivers aren't perfect yet)
  2. 40-50 on battlefield? That's to small man, and with my smaller Cpu probably i'll have even smaller then that. Maybe i'll consider putting one more 670 after a while. Main games i'm playing are Battlefield - Call of Duty and Fps in general, and i like to play 'em with full settings. What frames you have at battlefield 2D with full settings?
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