$300 Dollars For PSU+GPu

Hello I am looking to upgrade a PSU and CPU.

i3 2120 rig with
4gb of ram
1tb hard drive.

Playing at 1920x1080 (1080p) Looking to play BF3, FC3, Dota2, and misc shooters.

Any recommendations? I was looking at a 7580 and an according PSU.
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  1. If BF3 is at the top of your games list, I would go with a 660 instead of a 7850. nvidia cards tend to do much better in that game.

    You should be able to find a 660 for around $210. All you need then is about a 550-600W PSU. Here is a good one for $60.

    Total is only $270. If you want to go with AMD, I would step up to a 7870. It will be a bit more expensive, but still in the $300 budget.
  2. I agree with Daedalus's comment about the 660. It's much better for BF3.

    However, I would say go with a good 7870. The 660 is good for BF3 but that's really
    where the big advantages end. AMD dropped the price for its 7870s down, so you can find
    one for around 10 bucks more than the 660. There is a REALLY big difference in performance
    between the 7850 and 7870.

    I think a 550w would definitely be enough for a 660.
  3. Even though it's PCi 3. it will work on my 2.1 PCIE on my board right?
  4. It should.

    Compatibility wise, there shouldn't be a problem. But I don't know if the performance is being held back
    because I have have a PCIe 3 card on a 2.0 mobo and don't have another system to compare it to.
  5. So I'm going 7870 for overall performance sakes. Because i won't only be playing Bf3 and only 2 frames wont bother me terribly. :)
  6. Which brand, may I ask?
  7. You'll be happy with a 7870 or a 660. I'd say they are fairly comparable. Here is a good one with a nice cooler.

    Also, you'll be fine with a PCIe 3.0 in a PCIe 2.0 slot. The bandwidth limits of the 2.0 slot have not yet been hit with a single card. You'll be just fine!
  8. mauler184 said:

    Here's a budget PSU to go with it. You can spend more for the XFX ProSeries Core Edition 550W if you like. Or the Rosewill HIVE if you want modular cabling.

    Corsair CX500
  9. I wouldn't bother with a Corsair CX series model. In my experience, they're not as good as their TX series and other high-end series whereas cheaper XFX, Seasonic, and Antec models are often more comparable to the high end models offered by the same companies than Corsair's CX series compared to Corsair's higher end models.

    That's not to say that they're bad, far from it, just not nearly top-notch.
  10. mauler184 said:

    Awesome! I've never used an XFX card, but their 7870 lineup looks incredibly attractive with the
    "Ghost" shroud, dual fans for Double D and an affordable price.
  11. Ghost is a horrid cooler. I recommend against getting it. The double D coolers are far better.
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