Which of this builds perform better in games?

Hello. I'm going to build new High-End gaming system, I have two options. Two options differ only in Gpu and Motherboard. Money for me is no problem I just want the best performance. I use 1920x1080 Screen i like to play games like: (Skyrim,Hitman,BF3,GTA5,Crysis3,Assasin's Creed III and Max Payne 3), probably i will add another gpu to run games at max for next 3-5 years.

In 1st option i use an ASUS 7970 Matrix Platinum with Asus Maximus V Formula.
In 2nd option i use and MSI N680 Lightning with MSI z77 MPower.

Other hardware that i use in the both options is:
G.Skill 1866Mhz 8GB
CM V6GT CPU Cooler
Corsair HX 1050W
CM Storm Trooper
500GB WD Caviar Black
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB

I select the ASUS 7970 MATRIX because i saw in recent benchmarks where Matrix outperform ASUS GTX 680 TOP in many games and it has great quality.


Thanks for reading.

P.S. I like to play Skyrim with ENB and other MODs and i heard that skyrim can need more than 2GB. and I also like GTA 5 with mods i think it will need at last 1.5GB or more. :D
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  1. what ever you like...even a 670 will max out anything on 1080 and probably a lot will tell you that rather 680 go 670 because too much money difference and little perfomance...but since theres no issue for money go for anything you like....consider and vapor x and the asus gtx 680.....best of luck!!!
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