Reasonable Estimate for GTX 700 series

I've just upgraded my CPU/Mobo/RAM, and I currently have a 6870 which is slowing me down in quite a few games.

Looking at the best bang for my buck around $300.

Would it be smart to wait for the 700 series or grab a 7950/660?
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  1. I don't have a crystal ball, but you can wait for the amd 8xxx series(somewhere in 2013, from nvidia theres is nothing yet confirmed) with that gpu(still decent for 1080p gaming).
    Or buy a 7950 for its price if you think your gaming experience is really affected for the gpu.
  2. Ah, so nothing even close to an estimate yet? Too bad.

    I think I'll probably just wait and save up for a $400 GPU.
  3. Yeah that is a good choice, for a 7970 ghz edition or 670 gtx.
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