Gtx 670 4gb future proofing?


I'm looking to buy a single gtx 470 4gb card for the present time, and possibly sli'ing in the future? Is this an alright route to go? I have no idea if i'm going to end up with 3 screens or not, but it is a possibility. I just want to go for longevity at the moment.

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    In reviews it is proved that the 2gb extra doesn't do much good even at the triple monitor resolutions.
    I'd go for a 670 gtx 2GB from a good brand (asus direct cu ii, msi twin frozr or pe)
    And there is no such thing as future proofing, i don't know how demanding the games will be in 3 years (and with the new generations consoles probably pushing the dx11 on the pc).
  2. Thanks for the reply DJ, i might have to edit my order. One more question, and pardon the ignorance, but will the extra 2gb have any effect or programs such as solidworks, maya, autocad, or other modeling/rendering programs? Or is that more of a processor type of action?

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  3. No. And keep in mind, what you're talking about is VRAM. All it does is store an image - the resolution of the image dictates how much you need. So more VRAM does NOT make the computer faster at all. The reason it helps with multiple monitors is that if the image is large enough and there's not enough VRAM, you have to store the image in parts. (But like djangoringo said, you don't need the 4GB even then.)
  4. Awesome, thank you both for the replies. I do have two monitors, but from what i have been reading, that isnt enough to make a dent. I went ahead and also ordered an OC'd Gigabyte WindForce III (it was too late to edit my first order). So i guess they will both arrive at my house and I will send one or the other back. Sounds like saving a hundred bucks and keeping the 2gig is the way to go.
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