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Hi, I have a desktop with a pentium 4 processor. The current graphics card is integral to the mother board. I would like to upgrade the graphics card to enable me to use a 23 inch widescreen monitor. Are there any compatible graphics cards? The ones I've found so far require newer processors. Thanks
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  1. The Pentium 4 is an old processor and I would rather save up for a new system than continue upgrading. If you simply want to run a 23" monitor the motherboard should be able to support it. Which motherboard is it?
  2. The monitor runs, but the motherboard does not support the correct resolution both in terms of aspect ratio and native resolution. The graphics chip on the motherboard is an Intel 82915G. From my research I don't think this will ever support the correct resolution.

    It's a work pc, therefore no chance of upgrading. It's either a new (cheap) graphics card, or live with it!
  3. My old 9400gt runs my 20 inch monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. So, I guess any cheap GFX Card do this.

    You should go to the shop and ask the him to select you a GPU which will fit your needs.
  4. Any cheap graphics card will do. Something cheap like the 5450m or even a 8400gt will do.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Any links / suggestions of where to get one? I'm in the UK.
  6. actually you have to check if you have a PCI express slot on your motherboard or is it AGP.
  7. I have a pci express x16 which as far as I’m aware should be compatible with pci express 2.0 x16.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Any others from anybody, just so I have a few to suggest?
  9. For what you're trying to do, anything will work, really. I just linked you the cheapest card I could find in UK :).
  10. Ok, thanks. I thought I knew what I needed, but then one of the sepces came up saying min processor was core2duo so I wanted to double check. would either of these work as well?

    Many thanks
  11. First one will work. I wouldn't get the second one - it has PCIe 2.1 interface, which isn't always compatible with 1.0 boards.
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