New system freezes and sometimes restarts at random

Heya guys this problem has been annoying me for a week.
Just built this pc

i7 3770
H77M-D3H gigabyte (latest non beta bios)
2 * 4 gigs of 1600 ddr 3 ram
gigabyte 3 gig 7970 ghz edition
FSP 750W 80Plus Bronze Certificated

The crashes seem to be at random the screen locks up and the keyboard and mouse don't work
No bsod but it does restart after awhile
ran memtester and it freezes during it or eventually restarts during it. Replaces ram with a brand new 8 gig stick and still got freezes..a bit quicker even.
Will freeze in safe mode.
Does not freeze while playing a game but will freeze if im just in the menu.
temperatures do not change much from around 28-40
I have tried increasing ram voltage to 1.6 to no benefit.
Also put pc in high performance mode and it never turns off hdd or goes to sleep.

Really confused
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  1. It is your budget power supply. Some companies should not be allowed to sell their garbage and this is one of them. Send it back and buy a Seasonic, Corsair, or Antec.
  2. any reason why it isn't happening in games?
  3. Sorry I missed that. If it isn't happening in games then it probably is not the power supply since that would be when the graphics card is used more fully. So lets say you play 2 hours of some game, it doesn't freeze?
    Are you overclocking? By how much?
  4. nah not overclocking bios is currently on factory settings

    I can play the game as much as I want it seems
  5. You say you get a freeze but then it restarts instead of a BSOD. Next time quit the game and do a search of all files modified in the last hour/day. Look of an error log file. Most likely something is going on that is being recorded by the machine.
  6. It should be noted that these freezes can happen before the hdd launches.
  7. What do you mean by that? The hdd launches when you turn on the computer. Is this in a specific program or just windows in general? Which version are you using?
  8. ok what i mean is it can freeze when it isn't booted to the hard drive
  9. what memory specifically are you using. Full description please. Then what is the voltage setting in the BIOS for said memory.
  10. voltage setting is auto. Mushkin Blackline FrostByte 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1600 CL9 (996995)
    Heat Spreader: FrostByte
    Size: 8GB Kit (2 x 4GB)
    Tested Voltage: 1.5V
    Tested Speed: 1600Mhz
    Tested Latency: 9-9-9-24
  11. Try taking the voltage setting off of auto and on 1.5v then run memtest.
  12. Did that and it runs till it decided to restart around 3-4 runs in.
    Also sometimes the screen fills with èπH and some other junk.
  13. run 1 stick at a time
  14. Already have done that with the same result.
  15. Did you search for any log files? They may tell us what is going on.

    Try undervolting the memory to 1.4 or 1.3 and test it.

    I am assuming you have installed all drivers from the manufacturers websites.

    Are all your SATA ports set for AHCI? Probably has nothing to do with it.

    What Drivers are installed for your graphics card? Which connection are you using from the card and to the monitor?
  16. undervolting changed nothing
    latest AMD drivers for the 7970

    Looked through logs this was the only thing I found at all frequent
    C:\Program Files (x86)\DefaultTab\DefaultTabSearch.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\DefaultTab\DefaultTabSearch.exe

    Also today I had a freeze in the bios menu
  17. I think you are looking at a motherboard failure. See if anyone else has an opinion.
  18. Just noticed that i still get freezes if the game is in the background while i surf web
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