Hello. In this article we will talk about New ASUS 7970 Matrix Platinum vs ASUS GTX 680 TOP.
Accordingly with this review (link below) 7970 Matrix outperform the 680 TOP in games like: Batman: Arkham City, Dirt Showdown, Metro2033, Sleeping Dogs and even in BF3. 680 TOP wins only in Borderlands 2 and 3DMark11.
Plus 7970 Matrix has free Diablo3 Mouse Pad and 3 games bundle vs 2 Nvidia bundle games. The only advantage of NVIDIA is some new technologies and 3D Vision but NVIDIA GPUs cost more.

7970 MATRIX WIN ? What do you think about that?

Link to Rewiew
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  1. God dammit just buy the card already...
  2. I really hope that nobody responds in topic and starts a flame war. What you're trying to do is immoral, immature and inappropriate.
  3. It truly depends on what you are after. Since you are going after a major Physx titles like Arkham City and Borderlands 2 I would swing towards the 680. The physx in borderlands 2 is pretty noticeable. I feel you get a better deal on the NV side with Borderlands 2 and Assassins Creed (just my opinion others may like the games AMD offers). I buy for the experience and the performance. There isn't a benchmark that will benchmark the visual experience you will have with the games you play. Also the 670 may be a decent option as well and is a little bit cheaper then the 7970.
  4. I was a NVidia only buyer for a long time - from the Geforce 3 to the 6600 GT to 8800GTX to GTX 260 to 560ti 448. I just purchased the Sapphire 7970, OC'd it nicely, and I couldn't be happier.
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