Stumped after systematic replacement

1 previously stable homebuild goes poof. No power at all
2 PSU fails paper clip test
3 replaced PSU. System fans get power but no post no beeps no video with or without RAM pulled
4 replaced mobo. System fans get power but no post no beeps no video with or without RAM pulled
5 replaced CPU. System fans get power but no post no beeps no video with or without RAM pulled

No other components connected besides CPU, PSU, video (tried both VGA and DVI), chassis speaker, and chassis power switch. I've been home building for 13 years. I'm stumped. Thanks
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  1. Was a graphics card connected all the times you have powered up the rig or have you tried onboard video too?
  2. Onboard video in all cases. No separate graphics card in the equation.
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    It is a strange one. I would personally meter out the rails on the new psu just to make sure all voltages are correct. Also are you running everything in the case or breadboarding?
  4. In the case. I don't have a meter. PSU has 2 4 pin 12v connectors and either 20 or 24 main connectors.I tried almost all possible combinations.
  5. I would try powering up outside of the case just to rule out any possible shorts. Also is there anyone you know who has a similar spec system who would be willing to let you swap out and test your components? At least then you can start to piece together what parts actually work.
  6. 20 or 24 pin, that is
  7. I'll try outside the case. Can't think of anyone to swap with right now. Thanks for your consideration. You think a PSU failure could fail a chassis speaker?
  8. In my experience (20 years building & repairing atm pc cores and power supplies) I have learned that anything is possible!
  9. Thank you finn281175 !!!

    I started breadboarding out of the case and since everything was so accessible, why not try an old 3rd PSU I had from an old build since you mentioned PSU? Yep! I'm back up and running. Turns out my replacement PSU is bad. Makes the most sense given my problems that the replacement PSU was the problem.

    Hopefully I can return most of the replacement components I bought.

    Thanks, again!
  10. Your welcome. Glad I could help.
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