How can i tell my graphics card is failing?

I am trying to play Sleeping Dogs in high graphics, i have previously been able to do this, and now when i play in high graphics i get this: see image below:

When i lower to medium graphics it works fine. I have played on high before.

I have 2 Nvidia GTX 560Ti in SLI.

Is there a way to see if one of my cards is failing?

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  1. Does this happen every single time? Did you by chance upgrade to windows 8? According to some articles I've read on the internet, the new OS can cause some problems in this particular game, once again only happening on High settings.

    Have you upgraded your drivers recently? Sometimes drivers can either screw up during installation, didn't install the right ones, problem with the driver itself... Plenty can happen.

    I say try rolling back your drivers if you've installed some recently, or update them if you've recently got Windows 8. Otherwise that's all I've got for you...

    Either way, good luck!

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