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First time posting here cause I can't find any solutions to my problem. My PC was working fine 2 days ago and I turn it on today and get a solid blue screen. Not BSOD, just a solid blue screen. This picture shows what I mean.

All I can really do when I get this screen is hit the power button and it turns off right away.

I don't know if i've posted this in the right forum but i've been up since 5am with school and work and running to and from ncix so i'm practically brain dead.

I've tried booting from the USB which I used to originally install windows 8 in the first place and I get the same blue screen error.

Computer specs list

OS: Windows 8 Pro Enterprise? (Not sure got the copy from my buddy)
Video Card: Sapphire HD 7870 (New)
CPU: AMD FX 8350 (New)
Mobo: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 (New)
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 (8GB x 2) (New)
PSU: Gaming Series 1000w? (Not sure if that's the brand name or what, I can't find the original box) (about 1 - 1.5 years old)
Case: Antec 1200
HDD: Seagate 7200.11 750GB

Let me know if theres any other info you guys need.

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  1. When does this screen appear? Is this all that comes up immediately once you start up? What steps have you taken already?
  2. SchizTech said:
    When does this screen appear? Is this all that comes up immediately once you start up? What steps have you taken already?

    The error occurs about 10 seconds after startup. I get the initial gigbyte screen (, then it says loading operating system in the top left corner of the screen then I get the blue screen error.

    I have the usb that windows 8 is on and i've selected the USB-HDD as the only boot device and set the priority for the USB to 1st in the list in the advanced bios features and i got the same blue screen error. I'm stumped =/

    I got the blue screen error before I replaced my mobo ram video card and cpu. I needed to upgrade them anyways and I figured it was a video card or ram issue, but no luck.
  3. Have you considered a hard drive problem? What happens if you disconnect the hard drive and try to boot from the USB? Can you get into Setup then?
  4. Quickly disconnected the HDD and I didn't get the blue screen error so I'm guessing that's it. Although when it said loading operating system it said it was loading from the cd/dvd rom and wouldn't go any farther than that. I'm assuming that's because the HDD was disconnected?
  5. It's looking for something to boot from. Can you plug in the USB Windows installer and try to run that with the hard drive still disconnected?
  6. i plugged in the USB and set the first boot device as the USB, and changed the boot priority as well just in case (switched the HDD and the USB around so that the USB had the highest priority) and it got stuck at the loading operating system screen.

    When I installed windows 8 the first time I didn't boot from the USB i ran the installer straight from the usb files in my computer. Could that have caused the issue?
  7. Do you mean you had an OS already installed (Win 7) and you did an upgrade by running files from the USB within windows? In that case the USB stick isn't bootable. I'd assumed it was used that way, sorry.

    You'd need to find a Windows DVD or other bootable media to test booting from it. You can then try to re-install Windows to the hard drive. It's possibly a failing drive but could just be a corrupt installation of Windows: attempting a re-install would help determine whether the drive is healthy before you spend on a replacement. Note that you will lose all data on the drive by reformatting.

    Also, have you tested the drive in different SATA ports?
  8. I had 32 bit windows 7 already installed, that is correct. So if the USB is actually ready to boot from then I can't access the files via my computer? My friend told me I could boot from the USB but it didn't work when I tried so I just ran the installer like the idiot that I am. That wouldn't count as a clean install, would it?

    And i've shifted all the SATA cables around but no luck (the mobo has 6 SATA ports, does it matter which ones I use? Sorry if i'm hard to deal with lol. I should have been clearer with my wording. My friend told me to boot from the USB when he first gave me it and I did try that, but it didn't work so I just went into the files and upgraded. Its starting to make more sense now.. I've heard that upgrading to windows 8 isn't a good option and that you should do a clean install. Being the noob I am, I didn't know the difference or I thought I did :??:
  9. It sounds like your friend just copied an installer to the USB stick, which doesn't make it a bootable drive (more work is needed for that). Do you have any Windows disks on hand to test with?
  10. Well what you did wasn't a clean install, it was an upgrade. Do you have a proper license key for Windows 8? Your computer did work at first as you said, so the upgrade appears to have been successful.

    At this point I'd try a clean installation of Windows (Win 7 if you don't have a disk of Windows 8)
  11. I already have the USB and the disc image of the windows 8 installer. How do I go about making the USB a bootable device? I've tried and the windows 7 usb dvd download tool and it says I need an ISO file..

    I can't find my windows 7 CD and the only reason I upgraded to windows 8 was because I had 32 bit windows >.>
  12. fixed the problem. it was the HDD and it was caused by Windows 8. installed windows 7 64 bit and everything is good to go.
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