Upgrading old system! Help!

Hello everyone first time posting here and i have a problem with upgrading my system, first i guess i should tell you what im runing.
450 watt Antec Earthwatts
2 gb ram
socket 478 2.8 ghz intel pentium 4 400mhz fsb Northwood
Pioneer dvd drive
Ess soundcard
250gb western digital
windows xp home sp3
all on a pc chips m925alu v7.3

Well i tried to add a video card to it this week to upgrade its terrible integrated graphic, i tried to add a zotac zt-60604-10l card for pci, it didnt work my computer meets all the requirements to use it but when i turn the computer on it doesnt turn the monitor but when i hook the vga cable to the integrated graphics port it starts up just fine and the computer does recognize it because it says nvidia geforce gt 610 found. i just dont know what to do, im thinking it is a bad card or it wont work in my system. Please help guys!!
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  1. Didja install drivers?
  2. yep i did install drivers
  3. In the older motherboards you had to disable the onboard graphics and select the card in the BIOS.
  4. i went in bios but i didnt see a option for disabling integrated graphics
  5. There should be something like using the pci-e for the primary graphics
  6. It may say onboard/PEG. You want peg
  7. my motherboard doesnt support pci-e ill check to see if it says anything about peg what is peg?
  8. Same thing. PCI Express Graphics
  9. Thats an AGP board. You need an AGP graphics card. You cannot run the card you have with your motherboard The best you can get is this


    Its pretty pricey considering the quality. It might be time for a full upgrade.
  10. i have pci slots why cant i use those for a graphics care im not saying your wrong i thought that too, but why?
  11. would a EVGA 512-A8-N403-LR NVIDIA GeForce 6200 512MB GDDR2 work in my system?
  12. You NEED a full upgrade like jnk weaver said.
  13. I dont have the money to fully upgrade i just wanted a video card.
  14. Then your best bet is the card I recommended.
    AGP was a grapics hardware design from 2004-2005 that didn't work out. I built a system in Feb of 2005 and by the fall it was PCI 1.0.

    Fortunately Radeon made some AGP cards when they came out with the 4000 series. They were good cards for their time but are dated now. This is now 2013 and based on your components I am guessing your computer was built in the end of 2004. You have had a good run but that machine will not run the newer games. 8+ years is a great run for a gaming computer. You neeed a new system.
  15. Ok thanks guys ill probaly end up getting a new one thanks
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