Help here please!

(country : India, still i will convert it to dollars and tell)

Hi all,

I am tired of my old Pentium E5200 not performing to my expectations as i did not assemble it (first of all i do't know howto assemble a PC) i bought it from acer.

So i decided that it is high time that i get a gaming pc of my own.

I have decided that the processor will be the Intel Core i5 3570K and the graphics card will be a Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 660Ti ( graphics cards cost a lot more than in us in here so, i cannot freely choose a GTX 670 or a 680 but it should not be less than the GTX 660 Ti as the 660 Ti sports the GK104 chip :D)

Now guys please tell me the other components (My budget is about 1400$)

I will be OC - ing a lot,

I am a COMPLETE noob to system building so guys please help me build the system. Every component i use will be new as i am going to make my old pc as my servant :D.

Thanks in advance to all of you nice guys.
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