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this is my T.V, will it be good for gaming with 8GB RAM i5 processor and HD 7770, also what res should i put on when playing games because i want to play them in full screen.

also this is my first gaming computer that i am getting.
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    on Page 36 to 38 is shows the resloution that my t.v can support, which one would be best in fullscreen? to play game like BF3 or Plantside 2?
  2. Thanks in advance!
  3. It's not the best, but will do. You should use 1366x768 resolution with it.
  4. will the quallity of the picture be effected? and will it display in 720P or 1080i?
  5. Affected from what? It will display neither 720p nor 1080i. It will display 1366x768.
  6. sorry but iam new to resloutions, but i must be miss infomred about what i read. thanks for your help.

  7. I also have this (LCD/TV/Monitor/19"/1440x900) do you think this would be better?

    Thanks for help.
  8. Yes. Definitely.
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