Graphics Card Dead???

Hi, I ran into a bit of a problem today with my graphics card, but first, here's the specs.

AMD Phenom II x6
G.skill Sniper 4GB x2
MSI N750-G55
Galaxy GeForce GTS 450 Fermi
1 x 1 TB Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
1 x 2 TB Hard Drive (5200 RPM)
Corsair CX600

I ordered a Kingston HyperX 3K 120 GB during Black Friday and got it today. It is much needed (install new windows OS) because my computer is very slow on start up (15 min?), shut down (10 min?) , and it will have some totally random non-responsive moment. Like no response on opening new applications, folders, new web page. Funny thing is that the applications or web page that are already opened works perfectly. Then it burst all out all at a sudden perhaps 2 minutes later.

Anyway, I shut the computer down, which it is taking forever. Some reason it reset to POST instead of shutdown. So I shut the thing down by pressing the button. Unplug power and all. Then plug in the new SSD into the system. Boot it up, fan spin, everything just like normal, but nothing on the monitor. It didn't even show the no signal message.

I tried unplug and holding down the on button for a min, nope, same.

Then I unplug RAM and all other Drives, plug stuffs in one by one, using the on board graphics chip, it finally got a display and boot normally.

So I determined that the graphics card is not outputting anything. I tried re-plugging it in, nothing. I tried plugging it into another PCIe port, same. The fan still spin though, so idk if the thing is dead. I also try the combo with only the graphics card and the SSD, and same, so that shouldn't be a power issue.

Any ideas on how should I go about fixing this?
I also installed Windows on the SSD, so is there anything I can do inside Windows 7 to check if my PCIe ports are dead?

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  1. when you unplugged the computer you may have reset the BIOS to default. check to see if the PCIE slot is enable for the graphics card.

    normally its auto but it worth a shot . . .
  2. Well first I think you might have a virus. Maybe try re-installing windows? Just make sure you only have your ssd connected. And regarding the gpu, can you test it on a different system?
  3. Thanks for the response. yeah, checked the BIOS, PCIE is enabled for graphics. I will try to test the card on my friend's system. Funny thing, I just help him built his computer last week, lol. I reinstalld winodws on the SSD probably going to figure out how to get that mess out of the old hard drive later. Probably just going to delete the windows files and use it as a storage drive.
  4. Also make sure your drivers are up to date, but most likely isn't the problem.
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