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I just got a new gtx 550 ti for my pc. I put took out my old gpu and slide in the new one, im sure its in there right but i may be wrong. I went to install the driver off nvidia and after it went through the process, at the end it said the install failed. After that i took the disc that came with it and tried to install that, and it said i didnt have the right version of windows to install. I have windows 7 32 bit on my pc. Im not sure what is wrong and this is my first gpu install. Also my screen is like its in safe mode, everything is big on the screen. Hope this gives you an idea of whats wrong. Plz help.
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    on the nvidia website to install the drivers im pretty sure their are 32-bit version to download, if not then make sure that your computer is detecting the gpu.
  2. I did have it on the 32 bit and it detected new hardware
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  4. did you get it working
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