New build check

I just need someone to verify this will work (just being a bit nervous)
Mother Board:
Graphics Card"
case: (already have)
The rest I know will work though my Psu could have higher wattage and I know my Cpu will work and all the rest.
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  1. Oh and I must add I think the Cooler Master measurements are wrong on their site so that's my main concern if the video card will fit because based on Cooler it wont fit but I have heard other wise.
  2. Cant think of any reason why it wouldn't work.

    Any decent case will support large graphics cards, and the 550Ti isn't exactly large.
  3. okay just checking.
  4. i'm thinking of changing to an FX cpu, what one should I get, I was looking at these.
    I was gonna get a Phenom II(
    and a cooler master 212 evo cooler since it's black edition, so should i keep the FX stock cooler (and keep cost down)
  5. The FX-6300, the rest of the FX line isnt worth buying as there are better Intel equivalents. The 6300 is a bit better than a Core i3-3220 in gaming.
  6. well intel is a bit to expensive...... so should i stick with the Phenom II?
  7. ^ Overeager spam bot.

    Get the FX-6300, its better than its Intel equivalent, which doesn't happen anywhere else in the FX lineup.
  8. what kind of performance would i get from it, oh and I might suggest this to my friend who will be running a msi gtx 660 would that be a good match up?
  9. Go for a 7870 instead, you will find much better performance than a 660
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