I just built a computer for the first time. After some small bumps in the road I got it running. It was working fine for a day but today it just shut down and started back up. Then it was running fine again and it shut down and didn't restart. Now it will not turn on. When i turn the power on the case fans start and so does the psu. The cd drive will open and close and it sound like the hard drive kicked on too. The CPU fan isn't spinning nor is the video card fans. I'm a little lost on where to go.
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  1. Made some head way. Opened the case and pulled the power supply out. Started right up fine. One of the wires must of been shorting the mother board. The case is a PC q80 and had I known how hard keeping wires out of the way was going to be I think i would have gone with a bigger case. Even with a modular psu.
  2. so then has your problem been solved? also that is very strange how a wire from the power supply is shorting out your motherboard :/ is it insulated?
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