What's wrong with my video signal?

I recently started building my first PC build, and it started up with the fans and the LED lights on the motherboard lit up, however, no video signal on my screen displays!
Here's a picture of the current state of the build :

I connected my VGA cable from my monitor to my on-board video as shown :

because my monitor does not have a DVI cable which is the slot from my graphics card : Is that the reason why the monitor is putting itself to sleep? If not, why is that?
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    There is the possibility that your integrated graphics has been disabled since you have a GPU in the rig, so plugging the cable into the mobo wont get you a display output.

    A DVI-VGA adapter comes with most graphics cards. If it didnt you'l have to buy something like this.
  2. waaa!
    I completely forgot about that piece! i had it laying around on the table.. anyways here's how it looks!

    I saw the mobo splash screen and everything.
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