GeForce GT 630 vs GeForce GT 440

Hey all, I have decided to upgrade my older system recently rather then purchase a whole new rig (waiting for the price to drop a bit on the i7's). Since I am planning on purchasing a new system, most likely for Xmas 2013 - I want to upgrade on the cheap. I have been looking at the GT 630 and the GT 440 but can't quite decide which would be better....does anyone know the real difference between these two?

Also, my stock power supply blows and I was going to replace it with the one below...will there be any trouble with the cards running on the new PSU?

All I really do on this machine is play some X games (X3, X3TC, X3AP) at the moment and I use it for the mundane work/school as well. Really would like to hook up two monitors as well...System specs below:

Also, slightly off-topic but could I replace my 1GB card with this 2GB card below as well?

Thanks a ton for any advice you can give me!
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  1. Well do you have any budget ?

    And the gt 440 should slighlty ahead !
  2. I would like to keep it under $175 if at all possible, seems do-able with what I've seen out there. I feel like with a top-of the line card I may bottleneck with the processor..... what's the best card I can get for this system an with an upgraded power supply?
  3. Whats your cpu?
  4. SchizTech said:

    ^ this
  5. Is the $175 for the graphics card and power supply put together? Or just the graphics card? Also, that power supply will run anything without a problem, so don't worry.

    If your budget is for both put together, then I would go with the cheapest Radeon HD 7750 you can find.

    You could also try to get a GeForce GTX 650 (non-Ti version) for about $100. (this one has no ratings though, $100 plus shipping/tax) (this one has a rebate card, so you're actually paying $110 plus shipping/tax, but is from EVGA which is a great brand)

    A while ago I installed a GeForce GTS 250 (about $110 back then) in a system that has an Athlon x2 3800+ (which is a little weaker than your current cpu). It let me run any Half-Life 2 engine game on max with no lag (like 60+ fps). The gtx 650 is even better than that and I don't believe you should aim for anything higher than those cards I suggested.

    As for your question about the RAM you wanted to replace, yes you can do that and you might actually see a difference when gaming, too.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys! I ended up going with the Radeon HD 7750, some more RAM, and the new PSU. Can't wait to put it all together!

    Thanks again!
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