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Well I am going to buy a gaming PC My budget is 600-1000$ (1000 might be a stretch) I was looking at these

these are good priced and seem like good specs if there are any better in my budget please show a link because i want to get the best for my moneys worth and remember my primary use will be gaming so needs to be good for gaming
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  1. If you think you can build your own computer I would suggest that.. Pre-built computers often are not very capable of upgrading so you would have to buy a whole new computer where with a custom they are usually easily if you stay in the same cpu socket type
  2. I just might do that but it seems kind of complicated
  3. You need a much better card, if you must buy a prebuilt system, look for at least a 660 gtx/7850 in it, for gaming, like those two :

    Or buy the parts and assemble yourself (there're plenty of guides) or in a pc shop for a fee and you'll get a much cheaper, and better pc :
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