Recommended gpu for my system?

just want to know peoples opinion on what gpu i should get as know i have a hd5450 and i am looking to upgrade to something that will let me play newer games like battlefield 3 for under £100.

link to specs (

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  1. You're looking at 7770 GHz Edition with that price. Also, can you list the make/model of your power supply?
  2. Yeah, the 7770 is the best card at that price point.

    Once you get to £120 you could get a GTX 650 Ti, but it's only a little bit better anyways.
  3. ^
    It's around 20% faster, as is 20% more expensive :).

    @OP: As other noticed, HD 7770 is the card of choice at 100 pounds range. Though, what is your power supply unit?
  4. hi thanks for the reply's the psu i have is a modxtremepro 600w by ocz
  5. what the diffrence between the dd and the one with the single fan as only the single fan is instock?
  6. More fans means better cooling :).
  7. thanks im going to order it now :)
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