Gpu for dell optiplex gx620 mt

i have dell optiplex gx 620mt with following specs:

windows 8

i want nvidia not ati
suggest me good nvidia dx11 gpu for my 305w
ZOTAC® Debuts GeForce® GTS 450 with Enhanced Energy-Efficiency good for 305w psu

or should i get gtx 550ti

or any newer geforce 600 series

please suggest me

i don't want to upgrade my cpu and psu

and also dont bother suggesting amd gpu's although they draw less power

i want nvidia card best and powerful enough to fit my needs
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  1. well what are your need.
  2. austinwillis81 said:
    well what are your need.

    i want nvidia only gpu that is perfect for my cpu and psu without down performance and up performance bottlenecked by cpu
  3. Well there isn't much that won't bottleneck a e5700 and you are going to need a new psu, that dell one is terrible, it won't run either of the cards you asked about.
  4. sorry to mention i have hd 6670 1gb gddr5 currently

    and monitor is dell 17inch

    should i buy 20inch monitor or new gpu
  5. Umm monitor. You can't upgrade your gpu any more without a new psu.
  6. not even gtx 650ti,gtx 460,gtx 465,gtx 560,650,550ti,,gts450, fit my psu?
  7. not even gtx 650ti,gtx 460,gtx 465,gtx 560,650,550ti,,gts450, fit my psu?
  8. gts450 maybe if you can run a 6670 with it now. but its not worth it imo.

    Edit: scratch the 450 it won't work
  9. Well if the recommended power wattage on the product info is greater then your psu then no.
  10. radeon 7750
  11. which monitor is best for gt 240
  12. i mean 20" monitor
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