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So this is my old computer but i change the cpu into a amd phenom x4 9650 (first generation) and i put a new ram card in so now i have 4gb and change the power supply to 800wats i was planning to get a hd 7770 but some one was saying that my cpu isn't fast enough it would bottle neck so now i'm planning to get the hd 5770 i wonder would it run just fine on my motherboard and my cpu cause i seen some people on here and their motherboard couldn't detect the video card or something 0.o
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  1. What games or what do you plan to do? stepping back in time on one component to evenly match of its same era may not cut the requirements for modern applications depending on the app
  2. black ops 2 on low settings ,far cry 2 on low settings ummmmm combat arms some free to play pc games , runes of magic nothing major i kinda know my limits ahaha :/
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