How to stop my connection from dropping when streaming or downloading

how to stop my connection when streaming or downloading? i ve tried everything so far, i have updated the driver, i have placed the power managment to highest I have installed the proset etc.. I have windoes XP professional service pack 3. please help
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  1. You need to determine exactly WHY your connection is dropped. Sure, it might be your PC, but it could be your router, or your Internet provider, or the server itself.
  2. I dont know why is it dropping.. if I knew I would look for the solution. I do know that it drops whenever I try to download or stream something. its really frustrating and I would really appreciate the help.
    I updated the driver, I turned firewall off, placed the power management tap to highest performance. I cant think of anything else.. and there are no answers to this kind of problems on the net.. im constantly looking.
    thank you
  3. Do you have another PC you can hook up at the same time? That way, you can start a large download on both and see if they BOTH stop at the same time. If so, then you know your PC is fine and you can look elsewhere.
  4. Hi, thank you for your response..
    I did try to hook them up and only on my laptop the connection dropped. I have tried with other laptops that my flatmate have and they all seam to be fine when downloading or streaming. I have an old laptop travelmate 290 Acer. I know its old but other than this problem it works great. its windows XP professional service pack 3 Intel Pentium 1.4GHz memory
    the wireless card is Intel PRO/Wireless LAN2100 3b mini PCI adapter
    I really dont know what else to do and why my connection drops every time I download or stream.
    I really appreciate the help.
    thank you
  5. Are you connecting by wireless, and if so, have you tried with an Ethernet cable?
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