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Hello everyone!

I have been lurking around this site reading reviews on certain parts and learning a great deal on how to shop/build a future proof gaming rig. Here is the thought process that determined the decisions I chose for the build.

-After my recent laptop died on me, I was convinced to put together a custom desktop that was future proof for the most part.

-The budget I am dealing with is ~$800-$1,000.

-I have no experience with literally BUILDING a PC, hence ordering it through CyberPower.

-I also have no experience with OC'ing anything, but can't guarantee I won't dabble with it in the future. This is why I chose the seemingly popular ASRock z77 extreme 4 MoBo, but not the i5-3570K CPU.

-I decided to stick with a 500GB HDD instead of getting a SSD thinking I can upgrade whenever I save up some more money.

-As of now, I only play WoW. However, I would like the option of upgrading down the line in case the parts I have selected cannot run newer games at high/ultra.

Here is the link to the system:

From the short time I have been lurking, this seems to be the place to go for informed opinions regarding all things computers.

**NOTE: This comp will mainly be used for gaming, web browsing, YouTube, etc. I am impartial when it comes to brand names, I just want something reliable.
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  1. If this topic belongs under new systems, I apologize. I figured since it was a cyber power build that it belonged here.

    If that isn't true, will a mod be so kind as to move it to the appropriate category? Thanks.
  2. You have bought a good OC board but not an unlocked CPU? O.o

    Anyway - the build is fine for gaming, but keep two things in mind, WoW is affected by your CPu more than most games, and I would recomend the i5-3570

    With regards to OC'ing - if your planning to do it you pretty much need a K edition ($20 more than the standard 3570 on cyber I think) - as this unlocks the multiplier - the other thing you will defiantly need is an after-market CPU cooler - I defiantly recommend OC'ing, you can squeeze alot more out of your CPU :)
  3. how about this

    you think the water cooler is fine. it has about 5-6 fans and a vent / not to mention te aerocooler AND CooliT 140mm water i threw in it MWUAHAHAHA

    looking to OC nicely aswell =)

  4. The second build is fine - on re-reading your post, are you considering building a rig yourself? (I recommend you do)

    Take a look at this: - there are also two other parts on choosing components and installing software :)

    Give me one min and will get you a pcpartpicker list :)
  5. to be honest, building it yourself is a much better idea. at least you will learn from this experience. everything is like lego. if it doesnt fit, most likely it does not belong

    id get this

    -it has a good heatsink, not a crappy closed loop cooler (pretty much all of them are crap)
    -a large SSD
    -large hard drive
    -GPU performs around the same
    -way better case
    -better power supply
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