Gigabyte HD 7970 OC vs MSI 7970

So I'm planning on buying a 7970. I heard MSI is a good brand when it comes to graphics cards, but I don't know much abut Gigabyte and how they are with cards.

I do know that I like the fact that they use three fans:


Don't pay any mind to the prices or not being stocked, I'll be getting one sooner or later, just give me feedback on the two structures. I plan on using them for gaming obviously.

Also, I'm not a fanboy, so if there's any Geforce cards on par with these two at around the same price, let me know.
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  1. Gigabyte HD 7970 OC is better most have coil whine though i honestly would not buy neither one get the Asus or Sapphire version.
  2. I'll be playing at 1080p. 3D whenever possible, and a 3770k i7
  3. That, or I also have the option to downgrade to HD 7950 if the difference is only slight. I also plan on doing a little overclocking.
  4. The first 2 ghz editions are just a little over my budget(I don't want to go over $400) But the 7950s are nice, do you recommend them over the 7970s like
  5. Any other input from others?
  6. Already been mentioned


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