Galaxy Geforce 210

I have the Galaxy Geforce 210 for multi monitor. I'm hoping someone can help me with how to configure it. I'd like to be able to move the mouse from one screen to the other with out having to move it all the way across from left to right. I'd like to be able to move from monitor 1 to monitor 3 or 2 or 4 and so on. I can only move it horizontally if that makes sense. Also, full screen only works by spreading across 2 screens and not one at a time.

Can this video card work that way or is it limited to the way I described above?



Lenovo K410
Windows 7 64

Also, Galaxy really does have the worst phone support. I was disconnected 7 times before I had to finally hold for 1.5 hours to get someone....then they were rude, dull, and unable to help me. Even if it was to tell me that the video card doesn't work the way I want it to. Then, just now, I was holding to see if the tech could find out if there was something within the software to adjust and I was disconnected again. MORONS!

Go with a different company when buying multi-monitor video cards, even if more expensive. This has wasted my time beyond belief.
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  1. A geforce 210... I cannot see that card doing anything more than 2 monitors, even with 2 monitors a sense straining.
  2. This video card barely does well on Windows 7 x32 (I got one). It really is not suited to Windows 7 x64, you will have much problems.
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