What Died?

Hi all i'm back for you're expertise. Hope this is the spot for this...

Black Screen, No post, Fans run, Tested other Monitors.
Tested my psu with multimeter somewhat...Not 24 pin though.
All was well with 12's & 5's. No PC to pop my VGA into, Same with psu.

My System

Intel DX38BT-------------------------Referb
Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800--------Used, Has been OC'ed in past
Geforce gtx 560 ti-------------------New, no OC
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series / F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH x2---New / No OC
PSU / Yuniq 650W----------New
Cooler Master hyper 212 evo / + 4 Fans, 2 in 2 out

Have Run this comp for..shoot... 7-8 Months.
Last thing i was using, Nvidia inspector for Aliasing so on, no OC, No fan tweaks.
I fired up a game and my comp turned off then on with no post, just fans.
I sure do miss my beast though just got done with Far Cry 3, Sweet game!

Lets see im on Windows 8 x64 n loving it.
lol was loving it >_< Gotta say i'm very particular about my pc, It's in tip top, clean well kept wires n all.
Have pulled all parts out and inspected everything inside and out.
No dead Caps, No shorts i can see, No melted smells looks like brand new.

So i'll pop back in often to see what you all suggest and think.
Would be nice to plug in my PSU and or GPU to know for sure what it is...i'm on a half wit laptop for the time
being till i can figure out if i need to start over with a new build or just replace what died. No budget
permitting an entire build right now but psu or cpu guess so...
Thanks in advance :)
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    take out the video card and ram...if there a speaker on the mb you should get a cmos beep code failure if the cpu and power supply is working. also see if the mb has any diag led. if it does and none of them are turning on then i would start with the power supply. you can have a 12v output but the ps may not be putting out the wattage to turn the pc on. case fans are low wattage devices..
  2. Thank's for your reply Smorizio.
    The Mobo has a speaker
    I had posted here once before because of a mem issue and that dang
    speaker never beeped...hmm

    (Old post), Mem is 1333 and board only takes 1066. I figured it out put jumper
    into pins 2 & 3, somthing like new hardware mode.
  3. Here's a pic of my Mobo Tester 0-o odd it usually has a code.
  4. Any ideas about that picture? /\
    ......................................... |
  5. Popped it in my friends box to find it's a dead psu.
  6. the tx i know is a good brand power supply.
  7. smorizio said:
    the tx i know is a good brand power supply.
  8. Thanks, the tx has 1 rail. do i need more?
  9. nope with a ps with more then one rail on the 12v line you have to then figure what cable is on what rail so you dont overload the 12v line. with one big rail it easier on the builder. they just have to rember not to over load that one 12v rail.
  10. Thx all for your support, Glad my pc is up and running again :)
    This is the PSU i ordered
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