Looking for opinions on this 660 ti

I always check with the community here before making major component purchases. I am looking at buying a 660 ti for MWO and PS2. I was looking at the Gigabyte cards and I was thinking about getting


My thought was to save the 30 bucks and not get the OC version and just OC the card myself. Does anyone have this card? Does it overclock well? Is there any other 660 TI I should get instead?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
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  1. You've got the thinking like me. Yes, go for it.

    But its hard to get 100MHz stable OC. But its not even worth paying extra for 1-2 fps, when you can give a try and have a bigger chance of getting a success.
  2. If you are set on the 660ti that is good card and you should just buy the non OC model since you can OC yourself and there won't be any difference.

    If you are up to suggestions, the 7950s are much better buys for that price range, they OC much better and performance at stock is close to the 670.
  3. esrever said:
    If you are up to suggestions, the 7950s are much better buys for that price range, they OC much better and performance at stock is close to the 670.


    Also that gigabyte is great . But Asus is better. Still at that price is really good.

    But 7950 outperforms it.


    Buy it and you wont be happier.

    If u extend to 670 than its another story D:
  4. Important factor that people are forgetting/avoiding mentioning is warranty - factory overclocks are covered. Overclock it yourself and that warranty is void. If that card dies (for any reason) then you won't be covered for a replacement. I'd personally stretch to a GTX670 (they are NICE!) but the GTX660 Ti is a very good card also - not something you'll end up regretting.
  5. I like the 7950 but the two games I am going to be playing the most are both opt for Nvidia. Also I want to be able to enable physx for the extra eye candy in Planetside 2 which Nvidia has the exclusive on. Now just trying to figure out if I should just bit the bullet and go for the 670. That is the question
  6. I just bought the GTX660 TI 2GD5/OC. It out preforms the 7950 out of the box in clock speed.

    Sapphire - 850MHZ clock and 925 boost clock -

    MSI Geforce GTX660 TI OC - 1019MHZ clock and 1097MHZ Boost clock. -

    For $300 I'd take the 660.

    Also I Prefer the two DVI's and the 1 3D plug VS. 2 3D's and 1 DVI.

    Last point the "Afterburner overclocking utility" is pretty badass.
  7. afterburner works with any card. the clock speed of a gpu doesn't matter. you actually want the stock clocks to be low if you want to overclock since they all hit about the same frequencies.

    1200 core and 1600 memory is what almost every card maxes out at so having high stock frequencies just means you are missing out on OC potential.
  8. ^ Hence the "out of box" comment.
  9. ^which is a bad thing
  10. ^ Assuming he knows how to OC safely himself... ;)
  11. ^it doesn't matter if he knows or not. Its an insignificant detail if he doesn't OC because clock frequencies in gpus don't matter.

    And in the OP he mentioned OC...
  12. ^ It's not that insignificant but; touche'.
  13. ^yes it is... higher clocks mean nothing when comparing 2 different cards.
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