6870 or 560 for bf3

As the title stated, which is better in terms of price and performance?

i am running a 1400 x 900 moniter , can i get at least high settings for all the games.. ?

Help me as i am really confuse..!
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  1. 6870 and 560 are neck and neck. i suggest get whichever is cheaper
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    I would go for the 6870. Its slightly ahead of the 560 but for almost the same price you can also get a 7850 which will be a good lot better.
    At that resolution you can easily max out most games on ultra settings.
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  4. I didn't know you could still buy a 6870. What are the prices of 560, 6870, 7850.?
  5. if i would have waited 2 months i could have gotten my 6870 for the same price as a 7850 today...

    i play BF3 @ 1680x1050 and i play with 2xMSAA +medium/high settings and get 50-75 FPS...
  6. okay i got it guys thx!
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