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Asus PB278Q loses DisplayPort signal

November 28, 2012 4:33:44 AM

Newly built system.

It's become the norm now that when I turn on the PC, the Asus monitor will flash a message saying DisplayPort No Signal, and then the screen will go blank. Sometimes it does appear to show the video display for less than a second. The only way to get the display to show is to unplug the DisplayPort cable and plug it back into the monitor. The OSD controls don't show unless you are in Windows.

When the system was first built, it would display the video normally, then I began to notice that it would not, causing me to use the unplugging and re-plugging workaround.

I did some research and someone suggested going into Control Panel and setting the Power Settings to High Performance with never turn off display. This didn't change anything.

I don't have a discrete video card. I use the DisplayPort built into the motherboard. It also has HDMI but I prefer not to use it since I'm using a 27" monitor at 2560 x 1440 and HDMI doesn't display that high.

Any ideas on what else to try to solve this problem?