PC for 2d graphics & photography / PS, AI, ID, LR / 1200$

Hello everybody, I'm a photographer and graphic design student from Italy, and I'm going to invest in a desktop computer for my work (mostly lightroom 4 and PS+AI+ID, Premiere and AE sometimes.)
I'm going to spend about 1200€, just consider 1:1 exchange ratio and I'll eventually fix the differing prices.

I have investigated into my needs, and I came to a conclusion: I'm looking for a silent and stable machine, with plenty of RAM and a good CPU, a decent GPU (It still helps for Premiere and After Effects, at least they told me so, and I'm going to play a couple of NBA 2k13 games when my work allows me to :D ) and a fast and reliable SSD (180gb+) plus a 1 or 2tb simple storage (I have backups on external hard disks). Also i'm not going to overclock it.

Here is what I have so far:
Corsair Carbide 500R / €109,00 (should I go with the 300r for 40€ cheaper?)
Intel Core i7 3770 / €305,00
Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX650 2GB / 130,00€
Samsung SSD 256GB 840 PRO / 262,00€
Western Digital 1tb 7200 rpm / circa 80,00€ (green, green silent, blue or black?)

And here is what they suggested me also (these are 100% editable):
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G43
Ram: Patriot 2*8GB Viper 3 Limited 1600mhz or Corsair 12800 Vengeange 1600mhz? CAS9 or CAS10?
More silent heat sink: Coolermaster 212 Evo
Power supply: Corsair TX550M or HX650W

Thanks a lot! ;)
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  1. What you have so far almost seems excessive for what you actually need. I would probably go with more ram and an i5 rather than the i7. Also, I would not look at over-clocking the ram, it would me more stable at the stock speeds.
  2. I know it's a little excessive for now, but I'd like to have a future proof computer and if this means spending a little more now, I'mwiling to do that!
    Ram eventually could be added in the future, I thought 16gb was enough for now though!
    And I didn't understand what you meant by "overclocking the ram", sorry...
  3. well his build is decent, he can have a go at that already. just pick a case which you find pretty it's one of the things that last you just so you know and just buy the stuff now ^_^ hehehehe
  4. Here is the config I have made in these days:


    Now I'm hesitant on the big money I should spend on the Samsung 840 PRO, since the Crucial announcement.
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