GTX670m vs GT650m

I'm hoping to buy a gaming laptop and want to know how better is GTX670m than GT650m?
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  1. GTX 670m is better
  2. Hello,dilan1020 i think NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX is the ultimate GPU for gamers. Delivers fastest performance and all the latest gaming technologies.If NVIDIA GEFORCE GT is supercharged performance for your HD videos and photos, immersive 3D movies, and entry level gaming.I THINK YOU SHOULD BUY NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 670M for maximum performance to your laptop gaming and for modern games and upcoming games in high preset. ;)
  3. ... Are you a spammer, a monkey at a keyboard, or an average high school graduate? Either way, your desktop is infected with a virus. Turn it off and never turn it back on or you'll catch it and get cancer.

    @OP: It's a fair sight better. If you can find a 675m, however, it's a decent upgrade even past the 670m
  4. Many people I know that buy gaming laptops regret it.

    For example, I knew a guy who spent $1200 on a gaming laptop. Well, we figured out he could have bought a $400 laptop which served him well and built a BETTER desktop system for $800.

    He thought he'd game on the laptop but the screen viewing angle (like most laptops) was so horrible he gave up. He eventually only played games at home and bought a desktop monitor to hook up to.

    So now he's carrying around a gaming laptop that is heavier than a non-gaming laptop but he only games at home, and as I said he could have built a standalone system for that.

    Just FYI.
  5. +1

    Do you REALLY need a laptop - wouldn't a much cheaper and much more powerful desktop do?

    If you must have a laptop sites like this will help:
  6. hello,dilan1020 i think nvidia gtx 670 gpu can get high performance on fxaa and txaa than gt 650 (high end vs mid range) cards-what do you think ? :)
  7. Still not good for gaming, the 670m it's inferior to a 7770 amd, and a 7770 is a low range card.
    Either go with a 7970m/675m or just like someone said buy a desktop gaming pc, for the price of those laptops, you can have a system with i5+7870/660 gtx and still would beat any gpu from any laptop (except the 680mx which the price stands for almost a 690 gtx).
    And enough money to buy a cheap decent latop/tablet.
  8. i agree with the pc + laptop, best of both worlds!!
    or this might be the wrong forum to say this but if want something cheap and good for gaming and still save money then mayyyyybe u should consider a console
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