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Crossfire bottleneck?

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November 28, 2012 5:14:27 AM

I am doing some restructuring with my systems. I have 2 Asus HD 4870 1GB Dark Knight editions and am wondering the best system to crossfire in.

1) FX-8350 / Asus Crosshair V
2) i5 3570K / MSI P67A-GD53

I will be using a Corsair TX750 V2, I like the one in my main rig so I bought a second.

I believe the Crosshair mobo can do 2x PCI x16 whereas my P67 can only do x16/x8, will it matter?

Also, will AMD rig bottleneck over intel in this config? or is my GPU the bottleneck now being as they are aged cards? I'm hoping CF will improve performance for the time being since its cheaper than buying new GPU's for both systems.

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November 28, 2012 5:40:38 AM

Go with the Intel combo, neither will bottleneck though. Also don't expect to see a whole lot of improvement in crossfire as they are old cards.
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November 28, 2012 6:47:51 AM

1) I agree, you are being bottlenecked by the graphics cards which means. Not only does that mean the Intel and AMD systems will perform similarly but also upgrading won't benefit you much either.

2) PCIe bottlenecking isn't really an issue.

3) It wouldn't cost much for a graphics card that would run FAR better than a 2xHD4870 setup (and far cooler).

4) Micro-stutter is a big issue. You'll have that with a 2xHD4870 setup.

*Considering how much you've already spent, my advice is to spend a little more for a much better experience.

The above card is roughly $300, but it also comes with a coupon for THREE GAMES so factor that in.

So I strongly recommend you get that HD7950 and put it in the Intel 3570K setup (the AMD setup wouldn't run quite as well).
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November 28, 2012 11:12:17 PM

Thanks for the input.

I know they are old cards but its expensive to upgrade 4 systems. I am considering a 7850/70. I play mostly Starcraft2 and L4D2. I am aware the 3570K will outperform the AMD so if I do get a new card its recommended I put it in the intel and CF the AMD right? I have a 5850 too if that makes a difference but I thought CF 4870 would be better.
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November 29, 2012 3:36:03 AM

The 4870s in crossfire will be better then a single 5850, But either way, the 4870s are out dated and most CPU's will not bottleneck it, also again it does depend on the game, My x6 1100T does not bottleneck my 5850s in BF3, but could somewhere else. Depends on what you want to spend as well, The bottleneck is less of an issue beyond 1080p, at 1080p My 5850's pull 100 to 80FPS constant with everything to its max, Although people say I will run out of video memory and its the bottleneck of my cards since I only really got is 1GB of Vram, not 2GB, I would get lockups micro stutter and all the fun stuff, but I don't.

Again at 1080p And Intel CPU and an AMD CPU will be pretty much the same, unless you get a crappy port like Skyrim when Intel core for core performance does better than any current AMD's out there, but isn't like the much of a different anyway. If you get a Phenom II 965 or better, You should OC the CPU-NB to around 2800mhz+ to get the full potential out the thing. At 4ghz with a 3000mhz CPU-NB a Phenom II can stomp all over the bulldozers 8 core at 4.7ghz or more. Kinda sad of AMD right now.