Need advice on a new build.


Me and my friend want to build him a pc for gaming.

He doesnt need a keyboard, mouse or monitor.

His budget is £750 (aka $1200)

We live in the UK.

If you could provide an ideal intel build AND an ideal AMD build that'd be brilliant.

Not fussed about overclocking or SLI.

He'll be playing lot of games and wants to b able to max out at 1920x1080.


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  1. a good website to look for pc parts is i think the pc specs are these
    cpu:i5 3570k
    mobo:asus p8b75-v
    cooler:coolermaster hyper 212+
    ram:gskill ripjawas x series 8gb
    hdd:wd black 500gb
    gpu:gigabyte 670 2gb
    psu: corsair enthusiast 750w
    drive:asus dvd rom
    case: coolermaster haf 912
    os: windows 7 64bit

    thats the system i think would work good for what your friend wants to use it for
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