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Will these specs work?

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January 12, 2013 3:43:44 PM

Hi, 2 days ago I posted a question asking if a set of pc specs would work. I got a lot of very useful and helpful responses. I have carried on looking on the internet and I have found an even better set of specs that only cost a total of £390. I now this isn't very much for a gaming pc but it doesn't include a monitor or wireless keyboard. I already have a copy of windows 7 and office 2012 so I don't need to budget for them. As I said in my last post I will not be playing any games such as BF3 as I play them on my xbox, which I enjoy. I will not be buying the system for a few months as I am going to wait till my birthday and go half on it with my parent. I have been told not to spend more than £450 and my sister is going to be buying my old laptop off me for around £30. Please could somebody tell me if the specs that are listed below would work or if I need to change anything.

CPU: Intel Core i5 3350P 3.1GHz (I know the 3570k is better but I can't afford it)
Motherboard: Asus P8B75-V B75 Socket 1155 ATX
GPU: XFX DD Core Edition Radeon HD 7770 1GB GDDR5
HDD: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM
DVD-RW 24x Liteon IHAS124 OEM
RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz
Wi-Fi: Dynamode WL-700-11NX 300MBPS
Case: CiT Black Ops ATX Case with 500W PSU (this case, unlike the others that I have looked at says that it's motherboard Form factor is only ATX, with the case form factor being Micro ATX)

Also if anybody knows anywhere to get cheap 1080p monitors for the uk.

Thanks in advance.

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January 12, 2013 3:53:03 PM

The 500W P4 PSU is not acceptable for your build. You'll have to buy a quality PSU designed for current systems.
January 12, 2013 4:02:02 PM

What do you suggest?
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January 12, 2013 4:06:31 PM

Yes the psu that comes with the case is probably crap. You might also want to consider getting a better gpu because you will soon find that the 7770 will be inefficient for gaming. I think a radeon 7870 would be a better option. In a few months prices will go down a little and you should be able to afford that.

And for that power supply. Get a 500-600w psu from a respected brand like corsair, antec, ocz, etc. These are not the best of the best brand but they are good for the money. Just make sure to avoid the no name brands. There is simply too many psu's on the market to recommend one. It all depends on what's on sale at the moment and since I don't know where you are shopping for parts, I cant suggest one.
January 12, 2013 4:43:06 PM

So about the wait to reply and thanks for the reply. One of the main games that I want to play on my PC is day z and farming sim 2013. I have been on game debate and it said that this system would be able to play both them games on high settings at smooth fps. Do you know if you can get a 600w psu in a case already as the 500w in a case was about £30 less than buying them both individuality.
January 12, 2013 4:47:23 PM

mrhello123 said:
What do you suggest?

If you check the specs of that PSU designed for a P4 system, it has way too low +12v rail. You're buying high quality components along with a crappy PSU. That just doesn't make sense because a quality PSU is required for a stability and components protection. As Azn Cracker suggested, get a quality PSU and keep the case that you selected if you really like it, but don't use the PSU for your build. An inexpensive PSU like this Corsair has much better specs than the 500W PSU included with the case.
January 12, 2013 4:48:57 PM

mrhello123 said:
So about the wait to reply and thanks for the reply. One of the main games that I want to play on my PC is day z and farming sim 2013. I have been on game debate and it said that this system would be able to play both them games on high settings at smooth fps. Do you know if you can get a 600w psu in a case already as the 500w in a case was about £30 less than buying them both individuality.

That will be difficult. Where could you buy a case and PSU?
January 12, 2013 4:56:07 PM

I've been buying everything off, will this psu be any good. Do you no anywhere to get cases that can hold full ATX motherbaords for around £20. I aren't bothered about it having flashing lights and LED's. Just a simple cases that doesn't look too bad.
January 12, 2013 5:58:29 PM

It's better than the other one that you selected before. All components that you selected are very good, but you want to install them into a cheap case (not an issue other than noise) and use a low-quality PSU. Can't you spend at least another £20 on a quality 400W or more PSU?
January 12, 2013 6:01:33 PM

So would the 600W PSU be ok because I have just seen a video on youtube of somebody playing BF3 on mulitplayer with xfx dd 7770 and an i3. He only used a 550w psu adn got around 70fps. Do you know any cheap cases.
January 12, 2013 7:53:49 PM

mrhello123 said:
Is this PSU good enough?

Its not necessarily the amount of power but the quality. That does not seem like a quality PSU.
Antec, seasonic, corsair, etc make good PSUs. 550 watts should be fine for your system. Try to stay away from PSUs under thirty pounds.
January 12, 2013 8:08:01 PM

i know that I should stay away from psu's under £30 but i don't have the money to spend lots on it as my case is about £30 aswell. Is ace a bad brand cause i can always upgrade later.
January 12, 2013 8:19:25 PM

If your budget is too tight, cut back somewhere else, and hope for money to upgrade later. The PSU is the worst component to try to cut corners with, because a sufficiently bad one could conceivably fry everything else in the system, and I don't think hardware warranties would cover that.
January 12, 2013 8:21:33 PM

what about storm psu ?
January 12, 2013 8:56:45 PM

mrhello123 said:
what about storm psu ?

You'd be better off with a quality 400W than a cheap 600W. The 700W Storm provides a single 6pin PCI-E Power connector like 400W PSUs.

Quality PSUs that are powerful enough for your selected components:

January 13, 2013 6:46:13 AM

is an ace psu bad?
January 13, 2013 1:48:08 PM

If you are asking about then I wouldn't bother as it doesn't even have a 6-pin PCI-E connector. If your budget is that limited, then get an i3 3240 instead of the i5 3350P as it will be fast enough for the 7770 GPU and get a quality PSU.
January 13, 2013 3:00:00 PM

This is the psu that have just found , is this any good. I know that I should just drop down to an i3 but the i5 in my opinion is more future proof as in a few years dual core cpu's will not perform on future games like a quad core. This is why I want an i5 not an i3. This psu does have a 6 pin pci-e power connector. It is also very similar to the one that is used in the jackfrags steam box build. In the video it says that storm psu's are good and will last, he also said that they are good for budget builds, like mine.
January 13, 2013 3:21:02 PM

Do you think it would be better to drop down to 4gb of RAM, save £13 and spend that on the psu. If I get a case for around £20 that will leave me about £30 for a PSU. If anybody can find one at that price please let me know.

January 13, 2013 4:08:50 PM

Get that PSU as it meets your system and budget requirements. I'm not recommending it simply because it has never been reviewed by a reputable site, but that doesn't mean that it's bad.
January 13, 2013 4:27:56 PM

Neither of those PSU's will be reliable. Only buy from Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
January 13, 2013 6:06:52 PM

That's a much better PSU than the Storm Silent LPK19-35 700W.
January 13, 2013 7:34:51 PM

The XFX P1-450S-X2B9 Pro Series has much better specs with 34A on a single 12v rail vs the Powercool PSUPC450AUBAM that provides only 26A total on split rails. I strongly recommend you ignore the Powercool PSU.
January 13, 2013 7:45:38 PM

sorry about this what does a 34a on single 12v rail mean? is it good
January 13, 2013 7:58:46 PM

The higher, the better.
January 13, 2013 8:05:19 PM

is 450w enough though as the gpu has double fans
January 13, 2013 9:21:05 PM

While a quality 300W PSU would be enough, I'd recommend a 380W or better unit. The problem is that you want to buy a cheap PSU; therefore you need one that's rated higher than what it will actually deliver in order to meet the system requirements. Cheap PSUs usually are not sent to reviewers simply because the manufacturer knows that it won't get a good review. Worst case is when a PSU explodes at full load or when it fails (too much ripple) at a load way below it's rated output.

For instance, the Xigmatek reviewed by **** is not a bad PSU. It didn't explode, it works quite well at normal loads and it won't cause issues with the system, but it doesn't deliver it's rated output (400W instead of 500W). It's fine for a system like yours, but you definitely shouldn't select it for a system that requires a real 500W PSU.
January 13, 2013 9:27:29 PM

how much power do you think my system will need?
January 14, 2013 5:27:45 AM

oh right think you. so do you think i should go with the xfx psu that i found earlier. it is a 450w. sorry but i can't put a link in as im replying off my phone although it is in this feed somewhere
January 14, 2013 5:33:18 AM

i have just been on the power calculator and it says i need around 520w and a minimum of 459w
January 14, 2013 10:37:13 AM

That doesn't make sense. What selections did you use? Your system can't draw more than 300W unless you select the wrong CPU and video card.
January 14, 2013 2:20:06 PM

are you sure that it won't use more than 300w cause i might upgrade parts later sorry tio keep asking but i want to be sure.
January 14, 2013 6:18:11 PM

Sorry but I have just checked and I ahd put it as 4 cpu's thinking ti meant quad core. Sorry about that, yer I'm a noob. I am going to get the xfx 450w. This one. along with this case and I am going to take the 500w psu out as a spare.

Thanks for everybody how has replied and helped. It is really appreciated. If there is anything else that they feel I need to know please tell me. But thanks for everything.