Hi everyone :) Just bought myself 670 GTX from ASUS.

The performance is good, im running 1080p Crysis all veryhigh @ 24-30fps.

Win 7 32bit
8GB DDR3 1833
Seagate 7200rpm SATA

Im wondering what is making my fps low? Im having a clue that its my windows OS. All other games like black ops 2 runs nice... Will i gain any fps and how much to switch to 64bit system?
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  1. What is your cpu?
  2. yeah you should go 64bit asap!

    because you have win 7 , you can get only 4GB RAM max, so you're 8GB RAM is useless with 32bit.

    I suggest you install 64bit win 7 and tell us the results :)

    EDIT : Hope you have a decent CPU too!

    Good Luck
  3. So since you are running 32bit OS you can use only about 3.2GB of your memory...but that should not slow down the game. What CPU do you have? Is it crysis 1 or 2?
  4. Make sure you download GeForce R304 Driver Version:

    306.97 WHQL
    Release Date:

    Operating System:

    Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7

    English (U.S.)
    File Size:

    127 MB
  5. Crysis 32bit / 64bit comparisson:,2250-7.html

    Crysis was written with 32bit systems in mind, so don't expect any improvement at all.
  6. ^ guess it's not the OS. The driver suggestion makes most sense to me. Also get MSI Afterburner & OC that card.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Whats the maximum i can overclock GTX ASUS 670 ? Core, mem
  9. Try this tutorial, it goes over everything needed for 670 overclocking, and takes into account that each chip is different.
  10. Just go slow and monitor temps - GTX 670 should reach close to GTX 680 levels.
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