Problems with monitor and or graphics card.

Hi guys,

I just bought a used samsung syncmaster 2433bw and hook it up to my system and it works ok until i go up to higher res the the screen will go off.

If i go say up to 1600 and above which is when it starts to look passable the screen goes off and i cant do anything until i hook it up to my other monitor and lower it.

I have a new system with hd7700 graphics with no problems on my other monitor.

I dont know much about pcs but i think its a settings isssue.

I'm usign vga if that helps and i have the option to use dvi-d but i dont have the cable.

Any advice is welcomed.

Thanks guys

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  1. edit: i was using it on 1024-768 but its just went off, seems like the lowerr the res the longer the picture is displayed.

    Power is xigatek 500w if it helps at all.

    Thanks again.
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