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Hello guys,

I just recently bought Arma II to play DayZ. But I can't run it, everytime I open it, it stutters and freezes for a few secs and then moves on to steady 40-60fps and back to 5 seconds wait.. and so on.

I've been doing a lot of research of what the problem could be and now I found out that my DxDiag shows only around 700mb ram for my screen.

I have got 8GB ram and a 1 GB ram video card. I should be able to run the game fine, but I can't. Hoiwever, other games such as battlefield, need for speed, etc, are doing fine at a very steady high FPS.

These are my DxDiag results:

I'm very confused of what the problem could be, I thought maybe it could be shared ram or maybe it's even a completely different problem. I seem to have problems with directx 11 though, as of my latest game I bought, hitman absolution, it won't run with a failure saying: "Failed to initialize directx11". Because I can't reinstall (remove) directx, I'm not sure what to do.

I hope one of you could help me.

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  1. Hmm, interesting. Does it only happen with DayZ or happen globally with the Arma II game? (as its a mod I am wondering if it might be part of the problem.)

    I would try and reinstall your GPU drivers, uninstall, delete the leftover stuff with Driver Sweeper. (do this in safe mode) (should be titled AMD - Display). Reboot and reinstall.

    What are your in game settings at and how are your hdds configured? (IE do you have windows on one partition and the game on another partition of the same drive? That can cause issues unless you are using an SSD)

    Is Vsync on?

    The directX issue might be solved by going into the dvd and finding a folder called ReDists (something similar) it should have a directX installer file that you need to install if for whatever reason the game didn't auto install them. I am not sure if windows auto updates DirectX, you might try updating that manually via google.

    Edit: Oh and check for windows updates. You have version 7600 of windows and I think SP1 changes that to 7601
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