Forsa or Zotac?

I'm considering buying a geforce gtx 550ti and i have the option of forsa or zotac...
zotac has 1gb memory and forsa has 3gb. other specs are almost the same...
Which one should i buy?
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  1. I'm curious about that, could you post a link to the 3GB card?
  2. ok please don't use forsa or zotac. they are very low and budget quality. I would suggest EVGA or Asus, they are the cream of the crop for geforce
  3. I've actually been researching warranty terms offered by these manufacturers lately and Zotac is one of only two companies that I've been unable to get any kind of response from. I've never even heard of Forsa though. Best warranties by the way were from EVGA - three years standard, extended to five or ten years if you register your details within 30 days of purchase. Asus don't offer the best warranties but they are top quality.
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